Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rowe Family Update

Well here we go with attempting to do some blogging about our little family. It is amazing how fast 2008 left and how quickly 2009 arrived. Many things have happened with our family this year. Lets start with Tommy- he is still working for NetLook Listing Service and has been getting busier as the year has gone on. He plays Mr. Mom in the afternoons and sometimes in the morning. He often times picks Caleb up from school and they have daddy and son play time until mommy gets home from work. Caleb will turn 5 this year and will start Kindergarten (with mommy) in the fall. It is so hard to believe how fast he has grown up. Caleb has already impressed us with the amount of things he has soaked up in his little life. He loves going to "school" (Pre-K), and is a very good student his teacher says. He loves math and science the best, and is starting to do some reading. He does keep me on my toes (which is good). I am doing well. I am currently in my 9th year of teaching and really enjoying my position that I have. I work with students who are learning disabled and mentally handicapped. I get to go into their classrooms and work with them and other students. That has really opened my eyes to see how regular education is and has given me the opportunity to build relationships with other teachers. I finally passed my National Boards for Teaching, after a very difficult year of not passing on the first time. God really was teaching me a lot about patience. I really appreciate the honors now that I have it though. Well I look forward to sharing more throughout the year and hope to be able to keep this blogging thing up.

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